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Increase Customer Satisfaction By Following Your Mission Statement

Have you been getting complaints from your customers lately? Perhaps your customers are complaining that your cashiers are too slow, rude, distracted, or lack knowledge. Maybe your customers are complaining that your product is lacking quality. If you have a large number of refunds being issued, you may need to reevaluate the materials being used and production standards.

If your business seems to be lacking something, perhaps it is a mission statement. The purpose of a mission statement is to articulate to your employees, customers, and the public your purpose. Without a clear mission statement, your employees may very well neglect the importance of the customer or you may forget the importance of quality materials.

Many businesses neglect to create a mission statement because they don’t think it is important. They may not have the time to sit down and spell out what exactly their company stands for. Or, they may not be sure what their company stands for. However, if you cannot summarize your company’s purpose in one simple statement, how do you expect your employees to offer effective customer service?

To create a mission statement, you must clearly specify your company’s purpose, values, and reasoning. To create the purpose, simply ask yourself “What do we do or offer?” If you are a grocery store, the obvious answer is “We provide groceries.”

Now you must consider your company’s core values. Some examples include:

* To offer quality products
* To offer competitive pricing
* To provide superior customer service
* To encourage sustainable resources
* To protect our environment

You may choose one or two core values that you feel are the most essential to your production. Be truthful in creating your values. If you promise to protect the environment, but don’t offer bag recycling units or reusable grocery bags, what message are you sending your customers?

The last step is to explain your reasoning. Perhaps you want to offer customers the broadest variety of fresh fruit. Ask yourself “Why did I start this business?” Although it may have been to make money or have a career, think about the reasons for choosing the products or services you offer.

The grocery store may end up with a mission statement that says “We strive to provide our customers with the widest variety of fresh food options.” The statement is simple, concise, and to the point.

Some businesses may have a simple one or two sentence mission statement. For example, CVS Pharmacy sums up the what, how, and why in one short sentence: “We will be the easiest pharmacy retailer for customers to use.” Other businesses like Whole Foods Market, devote an entire page or more to offer a bulleted list of their purposes, core values, visions, and so on. The main goal is to create a mission statement that fits your company and can be realistically implemented.

After creating your mission statement, live by it. Post it on bulletin boards, in employee cubicles, the break room, and your office. Educate your employees on the specifics of your mission statement. Take pride in what your company promises to offer its customers. Your employees will quickly follow suit and you will notice happy, satisfied customers.

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